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Responsive Modified Templates

New: Responsive templates for Modified shops. Web design for all devices. Liquid layouts are fit to all screen sizes. Whether desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, the template adapts itself to the screen size.

Modified Templates
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xt:Commerce 4.1 Templates

The new shopsystem of xt:Commerce. Now with connection to eBay, Amazon, etc. Search engine optimized and for pre-certified Trusted Shops. With integrated mobile template for view on IPhone & Co. Now quite new to us: Responsive designs for xt: Commerce 4.1

Responsive xt:Commerce 4.1 Templates
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xt:Commerce 4.2 Templates

xt:Commerce 4.2! The new shopsystem developed by xt:Commerce. Flexible plugin system, numerous addons. Modern shopsystem with lots of extras.

xt:Commerce 4.2 Templates
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Create your online store more beautiful and more successful with a professional xt: commerce design of TemplateBase. The templates are created so that you can adapt to your wishes this easy. Of course, you will get also free error support.
New: Responsive templates
We offer a large selection of xt:Commerce 4 Templates, xt:Commerce 3 Templates and Modified templates. Best graphic quality at fair prices you get from us. Now new: Responsive designs for xt: Commerce Shopsoftware 4 and Modified.
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