Responsive Modified 2.0 Template 012

Responsive Modified 2.0 Template 012

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Shopversion: modified eCommerce Version

Responsive Modified Template for V

Liquid, responsive 3 column layout
Adapts to the screen sizes
Can be displayed on all smart phones, tablets and PCs
Template does not use any Framework

Inclusive: Off Canvas Categoriebox !
Inclusive: Define your own slogan easily via a text file
Inclusive: Social Media Buttons, define via text file
Inclusive: Fold Boxes
Inclusive: Responsive Bestsellers slider, touchscreen suitable
Inclusive: Responsive New Products Slider, touchscreen suitable
Inclusive: ToTop button to quickly scroll up
Inclusive: Different category navigation for availible
Standard Category navigation including portable navigation (2 x in the source code available)
Sub categories expandable
Mobile navigation remains fixed in the header for quick navigation
You can determine category Navigation & Product images via the config file
No Extra module installation necessary 
Slider or banners can be activated as usual in the backend
Without copyright link of the designer! With us you do not pay extra to remove Designer a link!
In the download folder:
The Template
The Logo as PSD Datei (Photoshop)
The Logo as PNG Datei (FIREWORKS)
The Slider images as PNG and PSD files
Substantial support file in txt format (german)
Blank buttons included (GIF)
Prerequisite for this Template: Online shop based on Modified
xt: Commerce is a registered trademark
With responsive design may require an adjustment to your shop.
Please test the template in our demo shop
Specifications & Recommendation:
Template use the screensize of 97%
Thumbnail: 140 x 160 Pixel
Info:  300 x 350 Pixel
Popup: 500 x 580 Pixel
Logosize: 348 x 156 Pixel
Sliderimages size: 915 x 210 Pixel
Bannersize: 650 x 250 Pixel
Responsive Modified 2.0 Template 012 Responsive Modified 2.0 Template 012

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Responsive Modified 2.0 Template 012
Responsive Modified 2.0 Template 012
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